Thursday, August 14, 2014

How To Commission A Work of Art

I would love to help you have just the right piece of art for your home. Sometimes it means commissioning a work that is the right size and image for a certain place. this is how a commission works with me.

The process begins with a discussion of the subject matter, colors and location of the work.  I want you to have the work that will please you, so I make sure to listen and make note of all your thoughts.  After this, a budget for the project is created. Know that preliminary discussions include talk about what price will work for you, and what scale of work will be possible within your budget. When a price has been agreed upon, I will ask for 1/3 of the commissioned price to begin work. This initial payment will cover my time for preliminary drawings and the first materials to begin work on the actual art work. When the project is at the half way point, I will submit images to you, and receive the next 1/3 payment.
When the work is completed and installed, I will receive the final 1/3, and you will have a new art work to enjoy for years to come.