Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moving Into the 21st Century

Yesterday I attended a workshop "Will Click For Art" taught by Mark Grimes, founder of Lots of information about directing traffic to your website. As a Baby Boomer I have trouble wrapping my brain around all the information, but I am making small steps to improving things. It all takes time away from painting, but it seems important to keep your work visible. If you sign on to and go to RACC, you may find some helpful links for yourself, and a few things just for fun.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Master In Our Midst

I recently went to see the show of watercolors by Henk Pander at the Laura Russo Gallery. They were superb. I can always count on seeing the highest quality work from Henk. This group of paintings is no exception. They are a diverse lot. There are still lifes, landscapes, and an intriguing group of paintings of piles of bricks. No matter the subject, he is able to say so much with so little. This Saturday, he and fellow exhibiting artist J. D. Perkin will be discussing their work at the gallery. Henk is an enjoyable guide. Check it out.